Adoptions and Community Service

At Bannerman Pet Care, we believe in supporting the community that supports us. We are proud to work with the Tallahassee Leon County Animal Service Center to provide discounted services for newly adopted animals. We also work in conjunction with the Animal Shelter Foundation in its effort to reduce the number of unwanted animals through its spay/neuter voucher program as well as its Heartworm Help program which helps increase the number of heartworm positive dogs adopted through the shelter. Bannerman Pet Care is proud to be a business partner with both Montford Middle School and Roberts Elementary School and we also support local sports booster organizations. In addition, we support the fundraising activities of various organizations around town. We are proud of our efforts to contribute to the well-being of our city and its residents!

At times, we have wonderful animals which are “ownerless” and we try our best to place these pets in warm and loving homes. Our potential adoptees are given thorough examinations, appropriate testing for heartworms or feline leukemia and feline AIDS, vaccinations and if age-appropriate, they are spayed or neutered. We charge a nominal pet adoption fee.  Please call to learn more.