Dental Care

Over the past several years, good routine dental care has become accepted as one of the most important aspects of maintaining a pet’s overall good health. Tartar build-up on teeth can lead to a wide variety of problems including throat infections, a chronic cough, heart problems, kidney infections, inflammation of the mouth and gums, and difficulty eating, not to mention horrible bad breath and loss of the teeth themselves! Brushing is one way to help keep teeth clean but this is not always easy or possible. At BPC, we offer ultrasonic dental cleaning to remove tartar from your pet’s teeth and allow us to determine if any of the teeth are loose, broken or need to be removed. In addition, we offer products designed to help slow the accumulation of tartar to keep teeth and gums healthy. While dental cleaning and polishing require general anesthesia, we take several precautions to help insure that this is done as safely as possible. This would include a thorough health history, a good physical exam, pre-operative bloodwork and fluids and/or antibiotics if indicated. While nothing is guaranteed, it is fair to say that left untreated, dental disease is likely to result in significant problems which can make your pet very uncomfortable or sick. So give us a call to schedule an appointment – we’ll help you keep your pet’s pearly whites sparkling clean!