Healthy Start and Healthy Start Preferred Programs
Puppy and Kitten Packages

At Bannerman Pet Care, we believe that puppies and kittens deserve the best start in life possible. We are pleased to offer package plans for the wellness visits of your pet until its vaccination series is complete. These services are offered at a discount when purchased together, providing both savings and convenience to you, the owner!

Our "Bronze" Healthy Start Program includes the following:

    Physical exams
        *Appropriate vaccines
        *Fecal examinations
        *FeLV/FIV test (kittens)

Our Healthy Start Preferred Programs, ("Silver", "Gold", "Platinum"), include the Healthy Start package PLUS other services dependent on your package choice, such as the pet’s spay or neuter, (done before 6 months of age), anesthesia, pre-op blood work and pain medications, microchipping, bathing and nail clipping.


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