Regular grooming is very important to keep your pet looking and feeling good. Brushing or combing your pet can help remove much of the extra fur that can lead to hairballs or stomach upset. Proper brushing can also help prevent mats that can adhere to underlying skin and cause irritation and sores. Keeping your pet’s face trimmed helps prevent eye irritation and can make it easier for him/her to see. Hygiene clips help avoid irritation to the tail and perineal area and help these spots stay cleaner longer. Special shampoos can be used for pets with skin infections, allergy problems or fleas.

Other components of a good groom include removing hair from the ears, trimming the nails and expressing anal glands, all of which keep your pet comfortable in addition to helping maintain good health.

As you can see, grooming is much more than soap and clippers! Give us a call to schedule a grooming appointment for your pet- they will look great and feel great too!

(Please note that for your pet’s health and the health of other pets in the hospital, current vaccinations are required – call for more details).